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We are a "group box break" website, where we offer an affordable way to collect the cards that you love by buying into boxes and cases at a much cheaper cost than having to buy the entire box or case. Our breaks take place within 24 hours of being filled. All cards ship from every box, every product. 

We do a few different break types:

Pick Your Team Breaks: This type of break is where you may buy a specific team in a specified break.

Random Breaks: This type of break is where you may bid/buy a spot in a specified break and your spot will be randomized to see which team you will be assigned.

Randomization: When you purchase a spot in a break you randomly get assigned a team. If you purchase two spots, you get assigned two teams, and so on. To determine what team or teams that will be assigned to you, we put all names/spots into If you own more than one spot, then your name will go into with the corresponding amount of spots that you own. (For example, if you bought 5 spots in the break, your name will go into 5 different times. We randomize the name order using a dice roll on We then copy and paste the names into a spreadsheet along side of the teams (32 teams for NFL, 30 for MLB, and 30 for NBA) that are listed in Alphabetical order (City/State/Locale first). We do this randomization LIVE on webcam, this is not pre-recorded.

Shipping: We ship out your ALL CARDS free of charge. We ship in plastic toploaders.

Multi-Player Cards: In the event of a card that is pulled that is a multi player card the person who owns the majority gets the card. Multi-Player Cards will be awarded in the following fashion:

  • If a person owns a majority of the teams from the players represented on the card they will receive the card
  • If there is no majority owner, each team represented will be randomized. The team on top will become the default owner of the card, unless the parties in the auction agree on a settlement, if that is the case, each owner must send me a message.
  • We use the checklist first on any card in question!
  • If a card comes out that has someone dress in a teams uniform but the card has listed a different team name it goes to the team name. (example: uniform 49ers, team name Seahawks) it goes to the Seahawks.
  •  No Fronting / Loaning spots: We love all of you guys, but.. we can't loan or front spots. Please don't ask us for this because it puts us in an awkward situation. Thank you for your understanding. This is the default site that we use to determine what team a card goes to in case of a question. If the product is not listed on GroupBreakChecklist, then our next default is .

    Breaks will always be live on and Uploaded to YouTube upon completion of the break.

    We are honest and fair.